A family of dances that are intimate, improvisational, and rhythmic.

Cha Cha

Cheeky, flirty, and flamboyant, it’s one of the most playful Latin dances.

Country Two Step

Smooth and progressive, it bursts at the seams with fancy spins, wraps and weaved patterns.

East Coast Swing

Energetic and versatile, it elicits smiles on both dancers and onlookers alike.


Called the “Rolls Royce” of all dance styles, it’s allure is in its smoothness and effortless look.


Wild, spontaneous, and full of personal style, it’s a fast-paced, joyful dance.

Night Club Two Step

A favorite in social dance, it floats with versatility and smoothness.

One Step

Easy to learn, you walk one step for each beat of the music.

Slow Lindy

When the music is slower you can make regular Lindy a softer and gentler dance.


Timeless, dreamy, and gliding with many variations, considered to be the mother of all dances.

West Coast Swing

Smooth, elastic, and conversational, it breathes with creativity and play..


From Louisiana with its mix of cultures, it has infectious rhythms and catchy melodies
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