One Step/4-count Swing Fusion

With Guy Caridi and Nancy Fry.  They have taught together for almost 30 years and are thrilled to present this series of workshops.

This dance is fun and easy to learn – Guy and Nancy’s favorite! Prerequisites: Beginning Swing or partner dance experience.

One-step to each beat of the music, traveling around the dance floor, then moving seamlessly into 4-Count Swing, and back into One-Step. Whether you already know traveling One-step or 4-Count Swing, or neither, come and learn how to blend these two dance styles. Guaranteed to become one of your favorite dance styles.

We’ll be using a lot of moves and terminology from Swing 1, such as Inside Turn, Outside Turn, etc., in the One-Step class. If Swing 1 is your very first dance class, you might not be ready for this? But if you have taken other dance classes it might be okay. Try the first night as our guest and see if you’re doing okay or blown away.

  • Each Tuesday for three weeks.
  • Pre-reg $60.
  • Walk-in $75.


Sep 19 2023 - Oct 03 2023


7:45 pm - 8:45 pm



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