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Please contact us if you have a question and can’t find an answer! FAQs for dances appear below, followed by FAQs for classes and workshops. More general information is available on the Dances, Classes, and Workshops pages.

Code of Conduct

Follow this link to read our code of conduct: http://www.nwdance.net/publications/statement-of-behaviors/



Can I buy tickets in advance?

Generally, no. Admission to most dances is sold at the door only. Currently, we accept payment for dances by cash or check. Although this may change in the future.

What are the pre-dance lessons like?

The one-hour pre-dance lessons are taught in a variety of dance styles and by a variety of instructors. Since we rotate partners frequently, the pre-dance lesson introduces you to other dancers and allows you to perfect your new dance steps.

Are single dancers welcome at dances?

Absolutely! Many dancers arrive without a partner at the dances and have no trouble finding partners wanting to dance with them.

What should I wear?

Business casual to cocktail attire is appropriate for dances. Please wear shoes that won’t mark the dance floor. As dancing is active, you may wish to dress lightly and bring a change of shirt.

Classes and Workshops

What kinds of dance instruction do you offer?

NW Dance Network offers beginning and intermediate levels of various types of group series classes in many different partner dance styles including East Coast swing, waltz, blues, nightclub two-step, zydeco, and more. We also offer stand-alone group workshops in many different dance styles.

What class should I start with?

We recommend Beginning Swing and Waltz as the best choices for beginners. You will learn the ‘language of dance’ that can be applied to many different dance styles

Do I need a partner?

No! Many of our students sign up without partners. We rotate partners frequently in classes and workshops, so you will have the opportunity to dance with many people. We do our best to balance our classes between leads and follows. You can help us do that by registering in advance.

What do the terms “lead” and “follow” mean?

Partner dancing requires two different roles to make the dance happen — a lead and a follow. Traditionally, men have learned the lead role and women the follow role. Today, people sometimes reverse roles, so we use the terms leads and follows. All our instructors are well-versed in teaching both roles.

Who takes the classes?

Our students come from many walks of life, span a wide range of ages, and include both singles and couples.

Can I drop in on a class, and if so, what is the cost?

Yes, you can drop in for a class. The cost is $30 per class.

Where can I park?

Classes are held at the Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, which has three parking lots that may not be available or free. One is on the south side of the building, the second is off Newton Street behind the Swedish Cultural Center (down the hill), and the third is diagonally across the street on the west side of Dexter Avenue North. This third lot looks like a pay lot with numbered slots, but it is free to our students during our classes and workshops.

Can I get there by bus?

Classes are at the Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, which is accessible by Metro bus #62 that travels on Dexter.  Routes #26 and #28 do not. The buses go along Dexter Avenue North, and the closest cross street is Newton Street.

Can you describe a class?

Our classes last 55 minutes and are a great blend of our instructors showing steps and moves and students practicing what they observe. Students rotate from partner to partner every few minutes during class; we feel that dancing with many different partners is the best way to learn to dance.

In most of the beginning (level 1) classes, teaching assistants are available to provide class participants with personal guidance as needed. These assistants have learned both lead and follow roles.

Our instructors have one clear goal: to provide the very best dance instruction in a fun, non-competitive environment. They are not competitive dancers, but trained dance teachers who have their students’ interests foremost in mind during classes and workshops. Instructors generally teach in teams of two, and each instructor is highly skilled in both the lead and the follow roles.

What should I wear?

Dress comfortably. We suggest that you dress in layers. The room often feels cool at the beginning of class, but it won’t be long before you are warm enough to shed sweaters.

What shoes are appropriate?

Shoes with leather or suede soles often work well for dancing. You could also look for a harder plastic sole that will glide a bit on a wood floor. Avoid any shoes that have a tendency to grip the floor or that leave black marks on the floor. If you dance in street shoes, please scrape the soles before going on to the dance floor to dislodge any dirt that can harm the floor. The article Seeking a Sole Mate has more information on finding dance shoes.

If I feel I’m in the wrong level after the first class, can I change classes?

If you feel that you are at the incorrect level, we can move you to an appropriate class if one is being offered. Please talk to the class registrar during or after class about switching. You can also call the office at 206-781-1238 to make arrangements.

What if I need to cancel out of a class series?

Please call the office at 206-781-1238 if you need to cancel out of a class series. You will receive a full or pro-rated credit or a refund toward future classes, less a $10 processing fee. Cancellations are accepted via telephone only.

What happens if I miss a class?

Please come to the next class! We review the previous week’s material  at the beginning of each class, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re in class for the review.

Will you send me a confirmation?

The Amilia registration will send confirmations for each class and workshop a person registers to take.

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